MoCo’s Best Hot Chocolate

What a wonderful time of year it is! The city is decorated with snowflakes and garland, Christmas trees are decorated, and houses are sparkling with lights. The one thing that just completes the holiday season is a good cup of hot chocolate, and if you have a fire to sit by..even better.

Now the question was, who has the best hot chocolate?! We set out on a mission to find just that, so that you may enjoy your cup while shopping downtown Crawfordsville, or stopping in at one of the brand new boutiques! However, it couldn’t be just any cup of hot chocolate. There are a few things that we thought are essential to be the best! Before heading to try out what the city had to offer, we decided to vote on creaminess, temperature, and the chocolatey taste.

Our contestants were the following: The Parthenon, Joshua Cup, 1832 Brew, Maxine’s on Green, and Allen’s Country Kitchen.

We will be honest, this was TOUGH. We are so proud to say that Crawfordsville has some pretty darn good hot chocolate!

We have to give a shout out to Maxine’s on Green. We really wanted to make this our first choice, however this particular hot chocolate that is made stove top with homemade whipped cream, only comes ONCE a year for Downtown Party Night! So, mark your calendars for Downtown Party Night 2018 and get in line for their hot chocolate! You do NOT want to miss it!!20841859_1611812248838741_225183269612924929_n

Our WINNER for the Best Hot Chocolate in Montgomery County goes to 1832 Brew!!!

It was soo yummy! Perfect temperature, the right amount of creaminess, and of course the chocolate taste lasted until the very last drop! Congratulations 1832 Brew! Now, go make your holidays complete with your very own cup!!

**Disclosure: this decision was based solely on the opinions of two women at your Visitor’s Bureau.. so we say, “Go try them all out for yourselves!”**


MoCo’s Best Hot Chocolate