5 Must Do’s for Spring & Summer in MoCo

Spring is just around the corner in Montgomery County, Indiana! Here are 5 things to add to your spring and summer bucket list to do on your next trip to MoCo.

1.Take a tour through a treetop canopy with Indiana Zipline Tours. Tour through eight ziplines, a swinging bridge, scenic walks, and Indiana’s only suspended platform in the trees.

2. Canoe or kayak down our lovely scenic Sugar Creek with rentals from Clements Canoes or Sugar Creek Campground. If you’re feeling competitive, register for the Friends of Sugar Creek Canoe Race (15 miles) or the Stwalley Short Fun Race (4 miles) on May 18th. Come on out for a fun time!

3. Get out your tents and campers for some quality camping in Montgomery County! We have six unique locations to pitch your tent that we are sure will meet your camping needs. Check out the variety of locations here.

4. Taking a hike as always been a great pastime here in MoCo. Whether that is on the five-mile Sugar Creek Trail or Shades State Park, the scenery is something that can’t be beat.

5. Our downtown is known for its unique history. From the last rotating jail cell in the United States, stepping onto the grounds where Ben Hur was written, counting how many fireplaces are in the Lane Place, to learning about local artifacts, Crawfordsville has you covered. Take a tour of all of our museums and you will leave you feeling like a history buff!

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5 Must Do’s for Spring & Summer in MoCo