Indiana Bicentennial Torch in MoCo

The Bicentennial Torch has arrived in Montgomery County and will be available for viewing at the Carnegie Museum.  Exhibit details still to be announced.

bicentennial-torch-with-standLocal resident, John Gadd, designed and created the display holding the torch.  The top and bottom base is made from quarter sawn Montgomery County oak.




Torch Tidbits:bicentennial-torch-with-john-gadd

  • Weights less than 5 lbs
  • Approx 2 feet tall
  • Ultra lightweight aluminum lithium
  • 13 stars around the top ring signify the 13 original states
  • 5 stars around the bottom ring signify the 5 states added from 1791 to 1812
  • The large star at the top represents Indiana, the 19th state
Indiana Bicentennial Torch in MoCo